My soul knows it’s worth…. My joy is boundless…

With the tragic passing of Robin Williams, seemingly the epitome of happiness yet truly depressed, I can’t help but question what is true happiness, what is real joy.

Deeper than a smile and a belly laugh what lies beneath that causes us to feel happy? And how do we sustain it?

I loved almost all of his movies,  they made me ‘happy’ especially Patch Adams, but it’s a fading joy, lasts no longer than the day I watched it.

So then what do we do to find real lasting joy?

Think of all you pursue

Wealth, recognition, international acclaim, the opportunity to do what you ‘love’ so that you never work another day in your life ( I’m sure you’ve all heard that one) how about love and family?

Surely if you had all of this you would be happy? Most of us don’t get close to getting all that, we tirelessly chase after it and that’s why when someone so funny, so inspiring as Robin Williams  passes, it’s a unique opportunity to  question and ponder how, and why was he still so unhappy? And would we be too?

Now I do not want to belittle those who suffer from clinical depression and mental illness, but rather to focus on us all who search for meaning and happiness from the world and are always left unsatisfied.

Circumstantial happiness.

The problem is,  we believe if we had that job, that house, lived in that place, married that person, had our OWN family, we would find that joy that we all seek. And sometime you might,  but not lasting joy.

Storms will come.

Your life will be rocked and if your joy is circumstantial then it goes to figure that if those delicate circumstances change your joy will diminish?

So what then?

Many like Robin Williams just can’t take it anymore and give in or give up. Others live lives of misery, also giving up on finding joy, they become cynical and mocking.

Truth is most of us just seek distraction. I did this. Whatever will keep them distracted enough to not have to face the fact that they are actually unsatisfied by the world, unfulfilled, they are not living the life that had anticipated but even if you had everything you wanted you would likely feel the same way.

King Solomon from the bible had everything! Now for those not so familiar with the bible, Solomon was a king, the wisest and wealthiest king ever! He was David’s son, he rebuilt the temple. He had riches we cannot even fathom. He had 700 wives and 300 concubines, it is said he could have anything his heart desired! This is so far above what any man has today, think of all the celebs and all the successful businessmen and all the royals and you are still short of Solomon’s glory.

Yet he declares near the end of his life:

Meaningless, everything is meaningless

Now do not despair, he goes on to say that the only satisfying thing is. God.

All things are created by God and he declared them to be good however they can not fully satisfy us. Why seek the things God gives us when we can have him?

I have seen families lose loved ones, friends lose money and jobs, friends go through unthinkable evil committed against them, friends go through struggles and disappointments and all of these friends who have Jesus, have an anchor that regardless of the storm their souls feel comforted. I have never known anyone to truly give their life over to Him and want it back.  It’s so much more than a religion we follow or a type of behavior we attempt, it’s a love we feel and  an indescribable peace. Then we slowly start to reflect this love to others, sadly most people view the church as self righteous and judgmental, and it sometimes is but Jesus is never!

Be honest with yourself, do you really expect anything in this world to satisfy you and make you happy? Sit on that thought give it enough time to really digest…

Awake my soul to the hope you hold,  your grace is all I need. Is a line from a song I love, it’s the best option, the only real option.

Hebrews 6.19

We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain,

Inspiring videos of people who despite their situations have ‘this joy’

Please watch this video for an awesome explanation of the difference between  Jesus vs religion

My Final thought;

Depression is a disease, Bipolar and other clinical depression as suffered by Robin Williams is a disease and can be treated and managed by doctors, physiologists and the correct medicine.Many crazy Christians promote the incorrect doctrine of Faith healing, in other words you have to have faith to be healed otherwise there is some sin in your life. This is heresy. Try telling someone who has cancer to have faith to be healed and if they are not they did not have enough faith?! Disguusting. this will lead them to feel insufficient and deserving of all their pain and sickness.

Now can God heal, absolutely!

But more importantly he can heal your soul.

He can provide His peace and comfort regardless  or despite of your situation, (you could be in jail or war) your circumstance ( you could be broke and in huge debt),  your illness (you could be on your deathbed with cancer) your mental struggles (addiction or depression) God is not waiting for you to ‘have faith’ and be better, He is there in it with you, he can give you an indescribable peace, everyone who asks for it…

Philippians 4:6-7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Romans 10:13 for, “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”