Have you ever heard those words when trying to speak to someone about God? I know I have. Maybe not exactly like that but Iv’e heard a few varieties. I have my own relationship with God, t’s not like yours, or I’m doing just fine thanks on my own, or I believe there are lot of ‘gods’, or  whatever gets you through the night or the most common in todays wishy washy culture, I’m spiritual but not religious I have my own thing going on with ‘god’

Now the problem is this, 21st century culture is constantly urging us to live and let live to be accepting of all and non judgmental and so on.

Firstly I agree with part of that sentiment. We can’t force others to believe what we believe. We cant be so indignant with our own opinions that we are not even open to conversations. We can’t judge them-forgetting how much we were forgiven and are still daily being forgiven, because its not over once you’re saved, trust me. We can’t be fundamentalists who picket funerals and spread a message of condemnation. God never supported self righteousness, not then and not now.

But why I can’t just agree with ‘live and let live’ is this:

I am filled with a love and compassion that is not of me. I don’t think following a bunch of rules is a good idea and made me a better person and therefore think you should do it to…

Again, I am filled with  love and compassion, I am filled with a joy that is boundless, I am filled with an indescribable peace, I am filled with a certainty of eternity, I am filled with a hope for any and all situations.

Lets put it this way; if you found a cure for pain,  for heartache,  for worry,  for anxiety, for depression,  for addiction, for emotional issues, for bad habits, for sickness and even for death. Would you keep it to yourself? Would you tell no one?

Surely not!

You would be so excited to share what you had found.

This gets mistaken sometimes for being ‘preachy’ and trying to get everyone to ‘believe what you believe’.

There are crazies out there, there are mad fundamentalist ‘Christians’ there are self righteous judgmental ‘Christians out there who think you are so evil and forget God loved you and came to die for you ‘whilst ‘ you were still a sinner like them, and not when you got it all together.

Please don’t group us with them. We love you, we care so deeply for you, we want you to experience the love, the peace and comfort that we have, we want you to share in this amazing amazing gift that is Jesus and his salvation.

I will never be ashamed to speak of Him and all He has done and is doing in my life.

My hope is that you will hear, He is knocking, let him in, give your life over to Him and let Him take all your troubles, all your tears, all your worries, all your sickness and all your life.

and then you will be ok….