Today I want to share a video with you. It gives me great hope for my future back home, that God can call someone and they can heed His call and I pray and trust he will be effective for Him and my beautiful country South Africa.


Mission – I read something once that said that God in His infinite wisdom placed in you a purpose. This purpose can be revealed through the deepest desires of your heart. What makes you come alive, what is your passion, what are you willing to work on everyday for the rest of your life even if it only comes to be in your childrens lifetime? What breaks your heart and you can’t just look the other way?, what motivates you to get so excited you can’t get your words out? Therein lies your purpose and mission.


Pray and seek Him, listen for that quiet tug inside your heart. Deep down you know what it is.


I believe this man is on a mission from God, I didn’t know much about him but must have watched every YouTube video with him in today. South Africa is crying out for a leader who deeply cares for her people, not one who looks to exploit them for their own selfish gain. This is an inspiring interview and then he share’s on mission and passion in a preach afterwards.

Mmusi Maimane




If you really want your life to be different, if you really want comfort. If you have tried to find peace but it hasn’t lasted. If you have been let down by someone who you loved. If you have failed and messed up and now loath yourself.


There is hope, there is life. it can all be different.


Watch these videos, with an open mind and open heart. Forget everything you think you know about Christianity and church. I’ll be the first to say the church has many problems and guess what so does every single Christian. Don’t let their failings stop you  seeing what Jesus is about.

Less than 10 minutes, 2 videos, whats the risk? You might find something you never knew you were looking for or existed. I love this dude, he speaks the truth so eloquently, he challenges popular Christian methods and more importantly he will challenge you!

After the videos, here is a link to look through,

Awesome website which will answer loads of your questions. Also please browse through my blog and read my real struggles and thoughts with trying to make sense of this life we living.

Love you all ;)

Video 1 

Video 2


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