Who moved my Goal Posts!?

By in Encouragement on May 13, 2013

I don’t like cricket i love it,

it has always been my favourite sport. There is a real battle that takes place, especially in test cricket over 5 days. Recently in 2003 the ECB(English cricket Board) introduced Twenty 20 cricket, an abbreviated form of the game. It takes place over 3 hours and each team bats for 20 overs. Even shorter than the one day internationals played over 50 overs. In 50 over cricket teams have been progressively scoring more and more runs and at a quicker pace, some of you might remember the amazing game in which Australia broke the record and scored 434 (first time a team scored more than 400 in 50 overs) and immediately South africa managed to chase it down and won the match scoring 438.

Not even 20 years before that at South Africa’s first world cup you could say that 230 was a winning score. Pakistan won the final of th e1992 world cup scoring 249 from their 50 overs and bowling England out for 227 in the 49th over.

Chris-gayle-100Now fast forward to this years IPL 20/20 tournament and the scores are just amazing – 263 for 5 wkts by Royal Challengers Bangalore against Pune Warriors in 20 overs and several other teams have also surpassed the 200 mark in 20 overs. Sri Lanka also scored 260 for 6 wkts in international cricket.

Now some will argue that the players are much better but I am not so sure. They play more cricket definitely but they haven’t advanced as much as the scores have. Some say it’s the bats and that may also account for a 5-10% improvement but again there must be more at play.

In changing and shortening the format they have ‘moved the goal posts’ .
What was once unachievable has become the normal standard and who knows where they could move to as more players start to adjust their games and mindsets.

I would imagine that my point is clear by now but lets expand on this a little bit more. Imagine a player, lets say the best player from the world cup 1992 was suddenly transported through time and found himself next in to bat with India needing 200 runs off 20 overs. He wouldn’t have bothered to go out and bat!

Don’t let your boundaries be defined for you by society. The ‘world’ puts up fences and ceilings to restrain you, to keep you quiet and to keep you from living out your purpose and being effective for God. Remember through him All things are possible! I believe that applies to the cricket field as much as it applies to our work scenarios and especially to life and Gods mission.

Throughout this site you will find extraordinary examples of men and women who have refused to be  confined in the fences or ceilings that the world has put on them. http://www.encouraged.co.za/?cat=3

A friend did a preach on living beyond your ceilings, I will try see if I can find  a link for it.

Some practical examples of ‘ Who moved my goal posts’

  • One of the strangest things I have noticed with many people I have known, is their inability to live within their means, As soon as their salary increases so to, do their expenses and they just never have enough?!
    New International Version (©2011) Luke 16:10
    “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.
  • I have a friend whose name I won’t mention and until recently they were very happy at work. Someone made a miscalculation and it would appear that they have all  had the wrong targets for the past year (and they have been achieving them) Obviously the targets have since been adjusted and speaking with him it seems there is a lot grumbling around the sales office. He indicated that it is now impossible and would take a miracle to achieve target. Now without being insensitive to him or anyone else at the company, I actually have it on good authority that it is not really that difficult and in fact most of them (not my friend) are just lazy or lets rather say complacent. They became accustomed to reaching target without too much effort and they are not making the mental adjustment. I have tried to stress to my friend that an interesting/amazing opportunity now exists. ‘When the going gets tough, the tough get going’  As Christians we should not grumble, we should stand out, work harder, push further and moan less. The outcome is he has the chance to be the first to make the new  target(not just one of many who were making target) the recognition could result in being fast tracked for management….?
  • The Grass is greener where you water it! This one is personal and was said to me recently by a friend in Australia when i was asking what it was like over there. I love to travel and have seen a bit of the world. I have experienced the differences between 1st world and 3rd world, of our 40% unemployment  to Australia’s 0.5% in Queensland. Yet I have to remind myself and re-fresh myself with Gods word that no matter the circumstance or challenge or situation I will trust in him.Our practical interpretation of this cute quote is to daily water our lives with Gods word. It is not easy but it works. There is no better way to start the day and give it to him first by reading his word and praying together with my wife.
  • Who moved my cheese? Similar to our goal posts, their is a awesome book called ‘Who moved my cheese’ which helps prepare you to deal with change which is inevitable anyways.


A little bit of nostalgia – my favourite moment from the 1992 Cricket World cup




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